Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives & Pate Gift Set

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives & Pate Gift Set

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Iliada Gold Gift Set 


1x ILIADA EVOO Kalamata PDO 500ml
World ranked best olive oil!
Intense, from deep green to golden green colour. Rich, full bodied flavour. Medium fruitiness, light bitterness and light to medium pungency. Fresh pleasant and exquisite aroma of green fruits.

1x ILIADA Kalamata Olives in 370g
Authentic Kalamata olives (Elia Kalamatas PDO) from the region of Kalamata. Naturaly fermented olives. Awarded for its superior quality
and exceptional taste.

1x ILIADA Kalamata Olive Paste in 135g
Tapenade from Kalamata Olives. A tasty recipe with Balsamic Vinegar, Oregano, Savory & Garlic.

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