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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki

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Iliada koroneiki extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the famous Koroneiki olive fruit variety, the “queen” of olives producing a high quality, low acidity, full-bodied olive oil.  The Koroneiki olive, picked while still green, is highly prized for its aromatic, fruity and well-balanced oil, perfect for enjoying in its natural raw state or added at the end of cooking.  A superb choice for everyday usage.

  • Colour: Intense, from deep green to golden green
  • Aroma: Green banana, artichoke, freshly cut grass, tomatoes and dried nuts
  • Taste: Smooth, fresh and full-bodied gourmet with a pepper after taste
  • Use: Ideal for cooking, salad dressing, grilled fish, white meat, raw sauces, pasta and vegetables
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