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Semola Double Milled Durum Wheat

Semola Double Milled Durum Wheat

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Double milled durum wheat #601. Our durum wheat semolina is strong (W > 350micron) rich in protein (>14%), with a high hydration capacity (> 70%) and a high quality and quantity of gluten, ideal for long proofing and for the production of pizza, crispy breads and buns, with an extensive sponginess.
During bread-making, a dense, elastic and resistant gluten shield is formed that retains the carbon dioxide released during fermentation and allow the dough to increase in volume while remaining compact, homogeneous and easy to work.

  • Made from hard grain left after the milling of flour and is yellow in colour
  • Semola can be used in a variety of baking goods; from making homemade pasta to baking delicious cakes
  • Can be used to give fried food a rich golden colour and crunchy texture
  • Makes pizzas light, filling, easily-digestible with large bubbles and a crispy crust
  • Suitable for making rustic breads, pizzas and desserts.
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